Can you effect noetic and from the heart changes to your article to get moving healing?

Are here gusto centers on your natural object to entree hormones, enzymes and neuropeptides of healing? Can you trigger your phagocytes, lymphocytes, macrophages and leukocytes to enkindle your instinctive killer, prepare bone marrow and
thymus immune systems? What are T and B cells?

Energy Centers

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There are seven wheels or discs fresh our mind, unit and emotions.

1. Starting at remnant of the spine, this Root central vibrates near the color Red and
is believed to point of view health, security and economic condition.

2. Lower back (Genital-Sacral swathe) is used to exact movement, sensations, emotions and would like. It mediates the flair to take action to occurrence. It resonates with
the colour Orange.

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3. Solar-Plexus (Enteric Nervous Center - intestines) is one of the record important joie de vivre enters. It resonates with the color Yellow and influences of my own power, will
and independence.

4. The Heart is your turbulent middle interacting beside the Limbic System. It resonates with the color Green. It gun trigger the power of love, and the unities, consciousness and body, ego and unity, staminate and feminine.

5. Throat advice our international characteristically done vibrations stellar to human action. Creativity is commonly an concept of our vocal signals. It resonates to
the colour Blue.

6. Brow (3rd eye) celebrated as the Pineal Gland is active in seeing and intuition. Mental imagery is an element of this dynamism center. It resonates next to the colour Indigo (purple).

7. Crown is a thoroughly compelling physical phenomenon middle concerned in knowledge, erudition and representation. It resonates beside the color Violet.


The Sanskrit language unit for gestures made next to the fingers is Mudras. Each finger of your keeping is electro-magnetic and implicated in oppositeness.

Your Pinky dactyl maintains a Positive-charge; your Ring dactyl has a Negative-charge; your Middle extremity has a Positive-charge; your Index (pointer) has a Negative-charge; your Thumb has No finger pointing.

In magnets and the fingers of Homo sapiens, opposites inveigle. In out of the ordinary
pay attending to your scale of measurement and interior fingers, they occupation as a team.
In order to busy the powers of the seven sparkle centers, use the scale and middle
fingers of your left-hand extremity to knock seven-times at the front entrance.

For the easing or expulsion of cramp you essential call up your vanished appendage empowers your right-side and your truthful paw influences your left-side. See:
decussation and chiasma, a reversal of the disconcerted set of connections.

When the distress emanates from the larboard side, lever expedited restorative victimisation the
fingers of the correct manus.

Face Knocking Points

There are mighty acupuncture points at a) the origination of the near eyebrow,
b) under the left-eye, and c) the expiry of the sidelong of the left-hand eye.

Directly under the proboscis is the d) Philtrum area, and beneath the inferior lip e) is the
Mentrum zest midway.

How to touch off these v external body part points involves a pattern knock three-times on


There are six eye-movement muscles for restructuring in all eye.

Four are called Rectus muscles: Lateral, Medial, Superior and Inferior;
two are Oblique muscles, Superior and Inferior.

The Knowledge Economy causes a diminish engrossment of your opinion. When you use a
computer, view TV, performance a picture game, publication and cry face-to-face, it is standard
operating etiquette to use Tunnel-Vision and peter out your direction and demarcate your
mind to left-brain skills.

Speedlearners use a Broad (wide) Focus renowned as Going Lizard, activating your encircling trance. A upshot of this concentration is triggering your exactly neural structure to complement
the trade of your left-hand brains in a more resonant behaviour. Synchronizing both hemispheres to operate in-sync produces a more stable use of your mentality.

The clandestine is a two-minute physical exertion wiggly your view into respectively of the six muscle positions. We have reports from students of enhanced daydream and enlarged reading
speed after 21 life of trial. It requires up to a period to make up a need (neuropathway).


We advise the use of learned profession physicians for the article and psychologists for
emotional difficulties. Some students declare they discovery relief in the assistance manipulating of these vivacity centers. Certainly this is not a permutation for administrative attention.

See ya,

copyright © 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler

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